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FAQ:  TMJ / TMD - Jaw Joint Pain

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I had suffered from extreme ear aches, pressure and jaw clicking for over a year until my doctor had diagnosed me with TMJ. I went to an orthodontist and decided to have braces put on.

During this time I would have jaw pain and "noises". I decribed it to my dentist as if my jaw was making a sliding noise. He listened to my jaw with some device and told me that if it continued that we may have to take the braces off. Anyway I continue to wear braces for 3 years. I had the braces taken of last October.

Everything seemed to be fine until March 1st. I woke up feeling a little "brain fog" and had this pulsating or hissing noise in my right ear only. It was not a constant noise just if I bent over or moved my neck in a certain direction.

I went to the doctors and he said it was ETD due to the TMJ. He said that my ear was retracted and that was caused by ETD. Anyway, I have been dealing with this for the past 10 months and was wondering if you have any suggestions. I have tried zyrtec and allegra D which did help a little. ....Visitor from OH

My suggestion is probably that your orthodontics was done incorrectly. TMJ problems must be solved with functional orthodontics and careful monitoring with transcranial or tomogram x-rays.

If your orthodontist did not do this for you, it may be necessary to get into a new treatment program with someone that understands these difficult problems. Your TMJ pain and symptoms should have been cured long ago if the orthodontics was done properly.

Editorial Staff

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