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FAQ:  TMJ / TMD - Jaw Joint Pain

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I had my bottom wisdom teeth removed 6 months ago - since then I have a terrible time with what is being diagnosed as TMJ. My biggest problem is not pain or limitation moving my jaw - it's that my ears feel like I'm always in an airplane and I hear humming in both of them most of the time.

I have been on antibiotics, anti-inflammatories (Ibuprofen 600 - 3 times a day for 2 weeks), Prednisone, and muscle relaxers. Nothing seems to be helping - is there anything else I can do to alleviate this problem with my ears? I have been to a ear, nose, and throat specialist who said my ears are perfect - it's my jaw causing the ear problem. Any help would be most appreciated. ...Visitor from NC

You need functional treatment. For more information visit the AACFP.org and the AAFO.org websites. Your starting point is to get someone knowledgeable to make a Gelb appliance, which will de-pressurize your joints and allow some healing.

You may also need functional orthodontics and possibly physical therapy. Your problem will only get worse without PROPER treatment. Let me know who you find in your area and I will guide you through the proper stages.

Editorial Staff

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