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FAQ:  TMJ / TMD - Jaw Joint Pain

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A year ago I was diagnoised with TMJ after being treated for everything from a sinus infection to an ear infection. With the TMJ I have horrible headaches that sometimes will not allow me to perform my job. I have been to an oral surgeon, and he removed all of my wisdom teeth and we waited to see if the problem got better, it didnt, actually it feels as if it got worse.

This particular oral surgeon recommended a procedure, but stated that he could not do it because he does not have the faciities, so he sent me to a well known oral surgeon in Atlanta. This particular doctor told me that TMJ does not cause headaches and that I should see someone about braces to solve my problem, so of course I returned to my oral surgeon in my town and he stated that I did not need braces.

My question is, what type of doctor is best trained to treat my problem? It seems like I am running around in circles trying to get the proper care. I have been suffering from this for at least a year now, I would simply appreciate some advice that could possibly lead me in the right direction to treating my problem.

Your surgeon is 100% WRONG! He doesn't know what he's talking about and it makes me terribly upset to see this. 95% of all headaches, including undiagnosed migraines, are caused by the TMJ...due to compression of the joint and damage to the cartilage of the joint.

I will find you someone competent in your area. Give me a few days. E-mail me back if you don't hear from me by Friday.

Editorial Staff

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