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FAQ:  TMD Disorders

Dental Abcess Ask The Dentist Edward Leventhal
I have been suffering with TMD problems for 5 years which has left me in chronic pain.

I have had my bite opened up by splint therapy, closed some by equilibration. My bite is completely messed up and I only contact on a few teeth which don't even mesh together.

I am desperate for someone who knows what to do with me. Can you recommend where I might start to look for someone who actually knows how to deal with this type of situation?

I live in Maryland and have been to many, many dentists and am at my wits end. Please, if you could give me some guidance I would greately appreciate it. ...Visitor from MD

The tempromandibular joint, the masseter muscle and the teeth must be in equilibrium for good function.

An upper splint must be configured and adjusted on a weekly basis to allow the muscles and joint to find their correct position without stress. Usually comfort is achieved in four to six weeks.

This splint must remain in the mouth 24 hours a day. You eat with it and you sleep with it. It is removed only to brush your teeth. When it is out you do not bite your teeth together.

After comfort is achieved, your teeth are equilibrated to close in harmony with the joint and muscles. This treatment protocol works every time for our patients.

Edward Leventhal, DDS
Baltimore Cosmetic Implant Dentistry
8860 Belair Road
Baltimore, MD 21236
(410) 256-7300

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