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FAQ:  TMD Disorders

Botox for TMD: I was diagnosed with TMD 3-4 years ago by an ENT. I have been seeing an ENT in a clinical study for the use of Botox in treating TMD pain for 2 years. I was part of the study, so the treatments were free, but to continue them will cost me roughly $1800 every 5-6 months (that's how long the Botox lasts).

The Botox temporarily paralyzes the targeted muscles in the jaw and head that trigger TMD symptoms, clenching, grinding, etc, which in turn cause a host of problems from migraines, to aching teeth, backs, necks, ear pain. This treatment has been the ONLY thing that has worked, and I want to know what you know about the use of Botox for TMD?

It's been used for CP and eye spasms LONG before it was being used by Hollywood for beauty. I'm hoping that more ENTs look into this treatment for their patients. Suffering with TMD is so terrible because of the pain, and because of the ignorance of the disorder by doctors.

It's not mental, and no amount of a liquid diet is going to cease the grinding that takes place when we sleep. And valiuum and xanax will only make us drug addicts. Any information you can provide on this disorder becoming more recognized by the otolarongologists and dentists of the world would be greatly appreciated! ...Visitor from NY

Yes, Botox has worked and has been used for sometime now for Myalgia (muscle ache). Usually it was used by MD's however you may start to see the DDS's use it as well. Oftentimes you may want to also have a bite plate to help with the muscles' destructive fource on the teeth, gums and joint.

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