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FAQ:  Snap On Teeth

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I was diagnosed with TN about 3 years ago and am terrified of going to the dentist.

I have some bonding done on my front tooth that is really discolored. It bothers me to the point that I don't even like to smile anymore but I'm even more scared to go to the dentist. I know that I cannot whiten the bonding.

My dentist suggested that I whiten my bottom teeth and then use the snap-on smile for my top. Do you think that would be a good solution or would veeners be better?

I'm not sure that I could work up the nerve for veneers. As far as I know my teeth are in good shape. The bonding was done on a chip I had on my front tooth. ... Visitor from TX

Snap on teeth are a temporary solution to create a presentable cosmetic appearance. They work wonders for patients who need an immediate "fix" to be able to present themselves favorably, say, at work, in job interview... etc.

We know of one patient who is an actor and needed the temporary fix to get an acting assignment.

They do not hold up well when used for eating and biting. They can also add a bulky appearance since they "add" thickness to the treated arch.

The smart thing to do is find a sedation dentist who can easily wipe out the phobia's you have (you are not alone) about treatment and provide the treatment you want that will last a long long time.... possibly a lifetime.

Many veneer dentists recommend placements of veneers in multiples of 4-6-8 or more because of the color matching difficulties. Getting just one veneer could be frustrating, both for the patient AND the dentist.

Or.... some dentists are now providing a bonding procedure that uses premium grades of bonding composites that nearily duplicate the effects of porcelain crowns and veneers. It is pricey.... but very dramatic. It is nearly impervious to staining.

We have videos of this product in our video library.

Editorial Staff

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