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FAQ:  Snap On Teeth

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Snap On Teeth for acting job? I have really terrible looking teeth, very out of alignment and some overlapping or pushed back. I am planning on starting orthodontic care, when a job comes through after December.

In the meantime I will be doing some acting and would like to look better when I meet the public till then. Could I use this type of cover till I can get them worked on? ... Visitor from FL

You may very well be a good candidate for Snap on Teeth. My only concern is that you want to use them for acting.

There is an adaptation period, which is usually short (a day or two), to allow the tongue to accommmodate to the teeth. The Snap on Teeth cover the back of the teeth and therefore, take up some space. Most people adapt to this quickly.

My main concern for patients who want this appliance is unrealistic expectations. I carefully screen patients so they will not be disappointed. These are not porcelain veneers.

Individuals with a high lip line or gummy smile may reveal where the Snap on Teeth cover their own teeth. From a conversational distance, they look great. If one were to inspect more closely, a discerning eye may be able to see the difference.

Editorial Staff

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