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Sjogrens Syndrome

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Sjogrens Syndrome FAQ
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Sjogren's Syndrome

In general terms, approximately 90% of patients diagnosed with this syndrome are female, with average onset occuring in the 40's.

Common symptoms may include:
  • A burning or dry throat
  • Chewing difficulty
  • Swallowing difficulty
  • Talking difficulty
  • Sore or cracked tongue
  • Changes in the perception of taste
  • Changes in the perception of smell

Definitive Cause and Effect

A specific, known cause of the onset of Sjogren's Syndrome doesn't exist. Researchers speculate that certain genetic factors may play an interactive role with environmental events or influences that involve exposure to certain viruses.

Dry Mouth Xerostomia Enamel Damage
Dry Mouth Dental Destruction
The general symptom of Dry Mouth, or Exostomia, is considered to be the primary characteristic of the syndrome.

The Mayo Clinic considers dry mouth to be the "signature" sign of Sjogrens.

Symptom Variability

The symptoms of this syndrome are manifested differently from patient to patient. Many patients, in fact, remain undiagnosed and fail to gain access to effective treatments.

Diagnosing the condition typically includes diagnostic blood tests, saliva tests and a comprehensive clinical exam.

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