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FAQ:  Tooth Movement - Shifting Teeth

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Dynamics of Shift - Movement

A few months ago, I found out that I was going to need about 4 deep cavities filled in my back molars. Because it would take me quite a while to come up with the money for this, I've been waiting to have it done.

Now, one of my teeth is causing me pain, so I am considering having it removed as I do not have the funds for a root canal. My concern is with my teeth possibly shifting. I have never had braces and two of my front teeth have root canals.

I'm wondering if I have this tooth removed it will cause my teeth to shift and undo my root canals. Is there a retainer or appliance that I can wear that can stop this from happening? Are Invisalign or braces an option? ... Visitor from PA

Without the benefit of Xrays it is impossible to give you an accurate answer other than the extractions will have no effect on your root canal teeth.

You should ask the dentist who will be doing your extractions about your concerns. Usually, if you extract the very last tooth in the arch there is no concern about shifting.

Editorial Staff

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