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FAQ:  Tooth Movement - Shifting Teeth

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Dynamics of Shift - Movement

Could you please tell me why my teeth are shifting apart from each other, specially the two canine teeth. There is a big space in between. So please help me.. what's the treatment and cause of it? ... Visitor from Bucharest, Romania

Teeth can spread for many different reasons. The main reason will often differ depending upon the time in life which you are in.

In the younger years it can be because of the growth of the jaw and the teeth not being large enough to fill the space. Also there may be an extra tooth which is trying to come into the mouth between then ones which are already there.

Teeth can be spaced by habits which you may be doing. Such as thumb sucking or placing other things in the mouth which push the teeth forward. Also the loss of posterior (back) teeth will cause the lower front teeth to hit the upper front teeth to hard and cause them to flare and space.

In midlife and later years the most common cause is from periodontal disease. This is caused by bacteria liveing under the gum tissue. This bacteria causes inflamation and the destruction of the bone which holds the teeth in. The result is a flaring of the front teeth which causes them to space apart.

If the problem is diagnosed in the early stages of the disease it can be arrested and the teeth may be able to be moved back into postion. You should see a dentist, where they will take x-rays of all your teeth, measure the bone and gum tissue heights. then if necessary clean the teeth under the gums and possibly place braces or a retainer to move the teeth back into place.

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