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FAQ:  Tooth Movement - Shifting Teeth

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Dynamics of Shift - Movement

Shifting Teeth FAQ Ask The Dentist Richard Winter Question:
Fosomax causes teeth to shift: My lower 4 teeth between the eye teeth have been shifting so that they are very crooked and quite unsightly.

I see the dentist religiously twice a year, keep my teeth very clean, and have no signs of gum disease. I am 75 years old and have been taking Fosomax for about 12 years.

Dentists are reluctant to do any straightening, but have suggested extracting those 4 teeth and inserting a partial. They say there is bone loss.

This seems like a drastic measure since I hate to lose my own teeth, but am becoming very self conscious about this problem. Are there dentists who specialize in situations like this? ... Visitor from WI

There are no dentists that specialize in this problem but any good dentist should be able to help you.

Being on a drug for osteoporosis has been associated with poor healing and needs to be approved by your physician. BONJ or bisphosphonate osteonecrosis of the jaw is a serious condition which is sometimes found in people taking drugs for bone density problems.

So your first best choice is to save your teeth, splint them together, or move them and bond them after with tooth colored fillings after orthodontics - braces. If you have no sign of gum disease then why are these shifting?

Shifting teeth is due to improper bites and gum disease so this needs to be evaluated by the general dentist or a periodontist. You mention you have bone loss but not how much. This will determine whether the teeth are restorable or need to be removed.

You will need to consult your medical doctor and the dentist removing the teeth for more information about BONJ for their protocol for tooth extraction, blood tests needed or taking a rest from current medications with follow up blood testing prior to removing teeth. Best of luck.

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