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FAQ:  Tooth Movement - Shifting Teeth

Lost Retainer Treatment Option
Dynamics of Shift - Movement

Shifting Teeth FAQ Ask The Orthodontist Edward Leventhal Question:
Teeth shifting upward: I've had my braces off for about a year.

Because I didn't wear my retainers enough, a tooth of mine has moved upward.

Is there something they can put on my retainers to move it back in place? Or will I need to get braces again for this one tooth? ... Visitor from MO

Retainers are meant to retain teeth in the position they are placed.

Using them to move teeth in sometimes works, but up or down is more than can be expected. Brackets and wires will provide a quicker, and more accurate service.

Once the teeth are back where they belong, wear your retainers 24 hours a day for six months and thereafter every night for a year.

It takes the human body six months for calcium to infiltrate the new bone completely and make it hard. You must retain your teeth in the correct position with retainers while the hardening of the bone takes place.

The nightly wear for a year is because tissue has memory and will want to move your teeth towards where they were before you wore braces. You have already seen the results of non compliance.

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