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Root Canals Ask The Dentist Richard Winter Question:
Jaw pain after root canal and extraction:
6 weeks ago I was told I had a cracked tooth.

A root canal was performed. The pain continued the tooth was extracted. I have all sides of my neck tattooed as well as 100 other tattoos, I can tolerate pain - NOT THIS!

After root canal/extraction 6 weeks later it still hurts worse than anything. The pain starts where the tooth was, causes ringing in my ear, head pain and severe jaw pain.

I have been told by the specialist clinically it 'looks clean'. He wants to cut it open again and explore around.

Please help what might it be, it hurts! I've had 3 other teeth removed for similar reasons (mysterious) - my jaw hurts. ...Visitor from IN

You sound like a tough guy with a high pain tolerance.

I can't give you an answer over the internet. I can suggest that other teeth may be involved and should be checked by an endodontist or general dentist.

Probing should be done to see if other teeth were fractured during the extraction, x-rays can be taken to evaluate possible infections around other teeth and the socket can be checked for signs of a poorly healed socket-dry socket.

You could have an abcess, a bony sequestrum (piece of broken tooth or bone) left behind and after all of this is checked, you should have an answer. If you have lost other teeth in this fashion, you may have occlusal disease.

That means some teeth might be hitting too hard, requiring a mouthguard for sleeping, possible need for adjusting your bite or even orthodontics to change and improve your bite.

Dentistry is a complex art and science and often mysterious dental problems have multiple causes. I wish you luck.

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