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New root canal versus dental implant:
I had root a canal 5 years back.

Unfortunately it wasn't crowned. It's broken now.

One doctor says he will extract the remaining tooth and implant a new tooth as there is only 25% of the tooth above the jaw. The other doctor says I will need another root canal and post, plus a core and crown.

I am confused and can not make a decision. ...Visitor from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Although it is impossible to evaluate your fractured tooth over the Internet, I can say that if you left this tooth untreated for over 5 years, it has probably decayed as well as fractured.

If you were my patient I would recommend having your broken tooth extracted and having a titanium dental implant and crown placed. The implant is a more sure thing and will last a lifetime if well fused to the jawbone and well cared for.

To spend the money to redo the root canal, place a post and core build-up... and then crown this tooth would not be a sound solution to your problem.

I would stay with the dentist who has your best interest at heart and have the broken tooth extracted and implant treatment completed.

The other dentist may have been treatment planning your wallet.

Editorial Staff

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