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Root Canals Ask The Dentist Corinne Scalzitti Question:
Lingering Root Canal Pain - Is it Infection?
I had a root canal done about 5 weeks ago.

I felt no pain for the first 3 days, then significant pain for about 2 weeks. The pain then became duller but I am still experiencing discomfort (especially when I chew) and the feeling that the tooth is loose (especially when I first wake up)... to this day.

I don't have a crown yet but the permanent filling has been placed. I told my dentist about the discomfort at the time of the permanent filling but he shrugged it off and didn't really respond.

Should I be worried about left over infection or something else? This doesn't seem normal. ...Visitor from NJ

This may be a simple problem.

The permanent filling may be high and the first tooth to touch when you bite. That would mean that this one tooth is taking all of the stress of the bite that should be equally shared among all of your teeth.

You might be grinding on this during the night to subconsciously try to adjust the tooth to a lower level. This would explain why the tooth feels loose in the morning. The looseness could also be from bone loss where the infection from the infected nerve of the tooth was before the root canal. An x-ray should show this.

I would see the dentist who placed the permanent filling. He should take an x-ray and check the bite. If another dentist did the root canal, I would see him, too if the visit to the first dentist doesn't help.

Whatever is going on, I would not have the crown prepared until the tooth is comfortable and the problem has been thoroughly checked. Hope this helps you.

Corinne Scalzitti, DMD, MAGD

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