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Root Canals Ask The Dentist Richard Winter Question:
Root Canal Needed?
I am 49 years old with discolored front top tooth for many years.

Regular cleanings, xrays. This visit dentist says I need a root canal. Showed me on digital Xray there is shadow at root apex which could become abscessed and advised me to have the procedure ASAP. Have never had trauma that I know of.

Did have braces. There is a small "pit" at gum line present all my life. Dentist suggested the pulp may never have formed appropriately, leading to death of nerve.

My question is if I have had this problem for many years, what is the emergency? I have SEVERE panic disorder and am terrified. No symptoms. Will crown be necessary? How long will procedure take...bad claustrophobia. ...Visitor from OH

I can't answer your question with the information you have provided.

If your tooth is non-vital or dead, it should have a root canal treatment. If the tooth is not hurting and has no infection - just discolored you may not need to treat it.

Your dentist should do a better job educating you as to the urgency of your particular situation. He or she should discuss costs, advantages and disadvantages and risks of all treatments.

Then you can decide if the treatment is warranted

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