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FAQ:  Root Canal Therapy RCT

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Endodontists don't use IV Sedation?
I am in need of 2 root canals.

My general dentist as well as the NYU Dental Clinic are unable to numb me with injections, which has often been a problem for me.

I keep seeing information on nocious oxide but when I asked the dentist he says that will not relieve the pain, only relax me.

I have been looking into IV sedation but cannot find an endodontist that does the procedure that way. They say its just not done. ...Visitor from NY

There are several things you may want to look into to help you get your needed dental care done.

I would recommend finding a dentist in your area that provides I.V. sedation dentistry and also provides root canal therapy. The other thing you can do is to find a root canal specialist that can have a doctor skilled in I.V. sedation provide this service for you.

It will be an investment to complete your dental work this way, but it is an investment in your future dental health.

It will also be very important to restore and protect the teeth that had root canal treatment with supportive fillings and crowns (caps) to prevent the teeth from cracking and breaking down.

The reason is that after the root canal is completed and the infected nerve is gone, the top of the tooth is open and hollowed out and the tooth can become brittle. In most cases if a root canaled tooth is not covered and protected with a crown, it is weak and could fracture even to the point of needing an extraction.

I see new patients in my practice who will tell me that root canal treatment did not work for them, that the tooth broke and needed to be pulled anyway. In almost every case these patients failed to follow through with getting the needed final crown done to protect their newly root canaled tooth.

Editorial Staff

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