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Root Canal making a tooth Black:
I have a tooth (#8) which had a root canal done in India 9-10 years back.

The latest xray tells the instrument inserted in the root is broken and it had created an infection. I didn't have any pain but my dentist recommended an APICO. I got the same opinion from a second dentist who is an Endodontist.

The surgery was done 5 days back and it is healing pretty fast. While doing the surgery, my dentist found a weird thing on that tooth. The whole root except the crown, has become black.

He told me that he doesn't know the reason and mentioned that the tooth should be monitored very carefully. So do you know the reason for this? And also is there any chance of my other teeth which have root canals getting the same problem? ...Visitor from CA

First Possibility - The nerve chamber inside the tooth contains blood vessels that contain blood. When the nerve dies the blood turns dark just like a "black and blue" mark on your skin after trauma. When blood dies it turns dark and the surrounding blood vessels remove the dead dark blood cells to eventually remove the dark area.

However, inside your tooth there are no surrounding blood vessels so the dead blood stays inside your tooth and turns the root dark.

Second Possibility - In addition to having the dead dark blood cells turning the root dark, the filling materials like "silver points" and broken files could also cause the root to turn dark because of the metal ions leaching into the tooth structure.

Generally, even though your root is dark, it does not cause the tooth to be loose. It your tooth is loose it will most likely be due to the lack of seal at the apex, a fractured or cracked root amd/or auxiliary canals.

Editorial Staff

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