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FAQ:  Root Canal Therapy RCT

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Root Canals - Insurance Policy Limitations:
I had a root canal done over 14 months ago on my right jaw. After getting the RCP done I did not get a crown on my jaw.

The reason I didn't get a crown is because my health insurance does not cover dental crowns (I have MEDI-CAL).

Not getting a crown is a big problem for me because when I eat I get food stuck in my jaw. I have to dig out the food from my jaw with dental flossers. I visited a dentist 6 months ago and asked about getting a crown but they said my medical did not cover crowns.

Now I think I might have gingivitis because my gums are swollen on both sides and have two small lumps near my jaw. Now what? ...Visitor from CA

The key problem seems to be getting the crown done. Your dentist recommended it and yet because your insurance did not cover it, you did not pay to get it done.

Many people today have various types of dental insurance and sometimes the coverage is inadequate. It is the responsibility of the dentist to inform you (he did) and it is your responsibility to complete the treatment for the benefit of your health even if you have to pay for it yourself.

You have had 14 years to save up for it.

You are placing the health of your mouth and your body directly in the hands of government or insurance company control. Not a good idea.

At this point, it may be better to extract the tooth. The goal is to get rid of the infection and extraction my be your best choice. You should ask your dentist if the tooth can be saved with a crown. It may be too late. It sounds like you have a good dentist.

After all, it is all about your health and you taking responsibility for it.

Editorial Staff

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