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Root Canal with Crown
I had a root canal on #32 two months ago, and later had a crown placed. Now this tooth feels pain when I bite hard food. The gum around this tooth is a little bit sensitive.

My dentist has done some adjustment on it and told me the X-ray looks perfect both for the crown and root canal. But I can feel the crown doesn't seem tightly hooked up with the underneath. I can shake it.

When I told my dentist about it, he doesn't believe me. I don't know what's going wrong. This tooth has made me suffer longer than a year--2 times filling, then root canal then crown. ...Visitor from CO

First I should tell you that not all root canal teeth read the textbooks. This is to say that not all teeth follow the same post-operative course.

Not infrequently, teeth will remain sensitive-despite the fact that the nerve is gone - for months after treatment. In these unfortunate circumstances, the infection that was at the base of the tooth has some final last gasps and will be tender to percussion or biting down forces.

This almost always goes away. If a specialist treated the tooth for the root canal then going back to see them for a double check is a good idea. If the tooth was treated for the root canal by your general practitioner, ask him or her if they could refer you to a root canal specialist for a double check.

I do not know your periodontal status but again, not infrequently a tooth will feel loose or not connected during this acclimation process. Nothing truly may be "going wrong". You have along tough dental ride and your perceptions "may" be getting the better of you. Trust your dentist and try to weather the storm. Good Luck.

Editorial Staff

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