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Hi I am a 40 year old patient with pain in upper jaw. I have only been taking good care of my teeth for the last 4 years. I have had many root canals on my bottom teeth. However, this pain seemed to be difficult to locate, so I started to root canal both tooth#12 and 13. After going back for my 2nd visit on tooth 13 the dentist couldnt get inside the tooth, and told me it calcified, and that it would be fine. At this time I began experiencing a bitter taste in my mouth when I bite down. I think the initial problem was a sinus infection. But, now a perforated sinus problem, due to a white pimple I squeeze and drain once a week. Outside of extracting this tooth, is there anything else you can suggest, so I can save this tooth. On x-ray it seems that the root is pressing against the floor of Max sinus. ...Visitor from NY

From the description that you give it appears as if the tooth still has nerve tissue and bacteria inside it. I would first recommend seeing an endodontist (root canal specialist) who uses a microscope to do the treatment.

Have this tooth retreated and give it time. If this does not work the next step could be an apecoectomy (a procedure where the tip of the root is removed and the infection drained following with sealing the end of the root).

All of this should be considered only if the bone support for the tooth is good and no advanced periodontal disease has occurred, making the tooth worth saving. The microscope allows the doctor to find all of the accessory canals and is an important tool for this type of dentistry.

Editorial Staff

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