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My tooth has been hurting for over a month. Strangely, it's not a throbbing pain but an extreme soreness that's worse at night and better during the morning and out in the cold (I've had a root canal before and the soreness differ from the throb I had before.) The pain comes from the inner side of my #3 molar.

Dentist gave me a cold test - no feeling. He suggested that my nerve had died and I need a root canal. So I had my root canal and afterward I was in excruciating pain for 4 days but I survived it and the pain reduced everyday... until it reduced enough for me to feel the soreness that was there earlier. Same old symptom, hurt later in the day, less in the cold. Sometimes it hurts so much it makes me feel like I'm having a headache.

Last week, my dentist said that one root seems to be not healing well and told me to take more advils before returning. By the way, I have only done the first part of my root canal and not the second half (to put in the gutta thing). I did some research on fractured tooth and root fractures, my question are: can I get a root fracture w/o any trauma? What should I do now? ...Visitor from MI

The tooth needs to have the root canal treatment completed.

Getting all the infection out of the tooth I believe should make you feel better. Hope this helps.

Editorial Staff

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