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I had a root canal on my top back molar over a year ago. A post was put in, then a few months later I started to get sensitivity in between the 2 teeth that had a root canal. The two back molars both had root canals.

When I floss there is pain also. Could I need an apico? Apparently if the root canal was done correctly I should not be feeling sensitivity to hot and cold. ...Visitor from NY

Sensitivity to hot and cold should not be coming from the teeth that had a root canal.

The sensitivity can be coming from a couple of reasons. The root canals are not completed and there was a nerve path which was not found.(this is very unlikely and in time would show up as a dark spot in an x-ray and dull constant pain).

The other reason is that there is decay in another tooth and the pain is being perceived in the teeth that had root canal. The sensitivity to floss means that there is a gum concern which may be caused from the crowns which should have been placed on the teeth.

With out proper examination and x-rays it would be impossible to tell if you need an apicoectomy.

Editorial Staff

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