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Root Canals Ask The Endodontist Corinne Scalzitti Question:
I had a two part root canal done by an endodontist around 5 mo. ago.

After the crown fitting I started having pain in both sides of my jaw (the side with the root canal more often). It was stiff and I had trouble opening it very wide.

I went back to the endo twice and every time my teeth tested normal and the xray showed more and more bone growth so I don't think it is my teeth.

The pain has improved some since I began doing neck rolls daily, but sometimes there is a lump by the hinge of my jaw.

At times, I also feel a type of burning inside my mouth up near the hinge and in my ears. The pain is mild but I have had it for months ...Visitor from CO

I would guess that your pain is from the crown, not the root canal.

If a crown is too high and hits before your other teeth over a period of time, you can have muscle spasms and TMJ problems.

I would suggest looking for a few opinions from dentists who have TMJ experience. I would look into finding a Neuromuscular or TMJ Dentist who has had training in neuromuscular dentistry at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. Look for somebody who has had extensive training, not just one or two courses. Links to directories for Neuromuscular and TMJ Dentists are on the website.

Corinne Scalzitti, DMD, MAGD

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