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In 1998 I went to the dentist and low-and-behold...he couldn't find ANYTHING wrong with my teeth - then he looked at my xray and said that I had a root that was dying and needed to have a root canal on #19.

I totally trust this dentist so I went ahead with it, he did the root canal, then a couple weeks later, his assitance was learning new things so he let HER put my crown on...I had never had a crown before and didn't know that the pain I was having was because the crown was actually too snug.

I got an infection which cleared up but the pain/throbbing never really ended, then within a year I had a fracture on the tooth underneath - my mouth was HUGE, infected and REALLY sore. My dentist sent me to an oral surgeon who removed #19. I now have braces because #18 was tipping in to #19's space - my orthodontist says that I need to begin preparing to fill that space or when the braces come off I'll go through the same things again.

My orthodontist is recommending a Solo Pontic or Implant and my dentist really only wants a bridge in that spot. Unfortuantely, the space is now HUGE (1/2in or greater) and the bone seems almost NON existant. My #18 is beginning to get a red ring around the bottom of that tooth and the gum very sore where that red ring is - I've had this looked at a few times and everyone keeps telling me that there is nothing wrong - I am a VERY good brusher and rarely have plaque build up at my 6 month visits.

I know it's difficult without seeing my mouth but out of an Implant, Bridge or Solo Pontic/Flipper - which do you recommend? ...Visitor from MO

You seem to be having a tough time. It seems to me that you have had a lot of bone loss in the area and that you may be having a gum problem with the red ring around the tooth.

First I would suggest that you get the gum issues evaluated thoroughly. Then I would ask the dentist his opinion about implants in this space. He may have information about the bone loss that I do not have.

My personal preference would be to have the implant but you have to do what the existing bone will allow unless you have bone grafts done. Best of luck. I may not have really answered the question but you have some information to think about.

Editorial Staff

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