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I have a tooth, the next to the last on the top - right side. It has an abcess under it; however, it hasn't bothered me too much until recently. I went to my dentist who said the canals were small and he advised me to go to an endodontic dentist. I called them and they are very expensive. My husband has been in the hospital 3 times since Sept. 6th and is back to work now, but we are still catching up, if you know what I mean.

I am debating as to whether to have the tooth pulled or fixed. It has a crown on it. If they can't save the crown, I'd be out more money. I had a second opinion by another dentist and he talked about the sinus line running through the tooth and said that would leave a hole in my sinuses if I had it pulled. Or, that's what I understood. I don't understand this.

People have teeth pulled all the time and have no problems with their sinuses, don't they? I am 61 and am trying to keep my teeth the best I can. I did have one pulled by an oral surgeon on the bottom of the right side and it doesn't bother me. Please advise. ...Visitor from TX

The decision is up to you. If you want to save the tooth then you can. If you want to have the tooth removed then you can have that done as well. Each of these options have risks involved and the dentists have been explaining those risks to you.

The decision is yours however.

Personally I would save the tooth and invest in the root canal treatment. Then you will also need to have a post placed in the tooth to seal it up well and protect the tooth from possibly cracking.

Editorial Staff

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