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I had bridge work started two weeks ago. After the first day minor pain started and increased daily. After 3 or 4 days I called the dentist but he was a state away about 40 miles. He did not send me to someone else, but prescribed narcotics.

When he returned, I took time off work for an emergency appointment. He re-did a temporary bridge but I still had pain the next day. He said see an endo specialist could be root canal work, caused by the bridge work. I went the same day, emergency appointment, took more time off work, he did pulp test, and yes a root canal must be done, which was scheduled for a few days later and prescribed more narcotics, to take till then.

Is this normal procedure? I thought he would start the root canal at least and put me out of pain? Taking off work again two days in a row and then Friday, no late appointment only a morning, meaning more time off of work. Advil does kill most of the pain, but a few times, it flared up once so bad I had to take two codeine pills to calm it down.

Is this right, to put someone on narcotics for a total of 7 days? and jeapordize their job for all the appointments and possibly being unable to work because one is heavily sedated? And is it normal to have a root canal done in one day? Doesn't it have to be medicated first and then completed a week later? Visitor from NJ

I am sorry that you are having this trouble. You might want to call the dentist back and see if there is someone else you can see sooner. It seems like you are also surprised to find that more work is being involved than you expected.

Dentists try their best not to surprise patients in any way but sometimes unforeseen problems can arise. This is why some dentists learn to do their own root canal treatments. That way their patients can avoid numerous trips to different offices.

Your best bet is to call and ask if there is someone else that you can see sooner. Or perhaps you know someone closer to you who might be able to see you sooner?

Editorial Staff

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