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I had aroot canal done about 10 years ago on 1 tooth..It was never finished because of a pregnacy. After my child was born this tooth abcessed and had to be pulled. Well about 3 years ago I started having sinus problems and my teeth were hurting.

Had to have my sinuses scraped. Dentist said my teeth seemed fine at the time. After sinus surgery my teeth still hurt. So the dentist did 2 root canals. One on both sides of the other one that was pulled. The one has bothered me ever since.

Not all the time. Every so often it flairs up and is very painfull. The dentist had checked it out - said it was not the tooth. So I went back to the sinus guy. He says it isn't my sinuses. This has been going on for over 3 years now. Right now it hurts.

It feels like a pressure and it feels very swollen. Slight pain from the tooth all the way back to my jaw joint and down. My throat and ears seems to be soar too when this happens. So who should I go see?? Please help. Visitor from Elklake, Ontario, Canada

It sounds like a facial pain type problem associated with compressed joints and muscle problems. I doubt it's your sinuses. I need more information to give you a better opinion.

Editorial Staff

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