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I went to the dentist on for a root canal. The dentist said one of the canals was calcified and when he took an x-ray he found that there was an abcess. He put me on antibiotics and made an appointment with a specialist for two days later.

The very next day I had to call my primary physician for pain medication because the pain became too severe. By that night I had clear liquid leaking out of my ear. I don't want to go to the ER if I can avoid it.

My question is how long should it take for the antibiotic to work? It has been 48 hours so far. Also, can an abcess cause this problem I am having with my ear? ... Visitor from NJ

You should go to your ear doctor, it's unlikely that a tooth abscess is causing discharge from your ear. It would take a serious infection for this to happen, unlesss you suffer from TMJ and headaches... which could predispose your ear infections. See your ENT physician and get the root canal taken care of. Also insist that more x-rays are taken and everything is evaluated

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