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I had root canal done last week on Monday on a molar on the right bottom. I have had pain ever since. When the dentist was giving me a novacaine shot in the back of my inside jaw, as he fished around for the right spot I felt a racing pain to a lower front tooth. It was like an electrical shock pain. Once the novacaine kicked in I didn't feel any major pain.

Once the novacaine wore off I was in so much pain I could not sleep. The dentist gave me an antibiotic and pain killer after a few days of waiting. What could be the cause of such pain a week and a half later? It still feels about the same. If I don't take advil or some other kind of pain killer the tooth starts throbbing and the pain radiates throughout my tooth, jaw and the side of my tongue. Should I seek another dentist or just stick it out as he says?

If the infection inside the root was not cleaned enough or if the canal became contaminated during the procedure you may experience pain. Since I do not know the whole history of your problem and do not know the your condition before the treatment I suggest to follow your dentist's advice and see what is going to happened in a few days.

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