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Four years ago, I had a root canal on the two (anterior?) front teeth on the bottom. It didn't heal, so I had an apicoectomy. That didn't heal, so I had another root canal which revealed 2 extra canals in each tooth that could not be seen on x-ray.

Two years after the last procedure, I am still having pain. My teeth feel like they are being pushed together and the lump where the abcess was is still there, but hard as a rock now. When it's pressed from the outside, I feel pressure and increased pain in "dead" teeth.

What is going on? It was biopsied 3 years ago, and showed no cancer. Could it have become cancer? Could this be the reason why I have TMJ? Fibromyalgia like Illness? Please let me know what I should do. ...Amy in NY

Amy, I wish I could answer all of your questions however you are asking a book's worth of stuff here that is dependent on seeing x-rays, examination, etc.

Your endodontist should be explaining all of this to you...if not, see an oral surgeon. TMJ would have nothing to do with these problems. TMJ is more of a problem with the relationship between your joint, muscle, and teeth. Visit my website michigan-cosmetic-tmj-dentist.com for more answers about TMJ.

Change your dentist and professionals if you are not happy with the outcome of your work. You may also want to consider removing those teeth and placing implants or bridgework. Fibromyalgia is a whole book in itself. I would be concerned about sleep apnea with what you are describing. See your physician for a referral to a sleep lab. You need a lot of help, obviously!

Editorial Staff

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