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I just had a route canal treatment. The endodontist gave me antibiotics and pain killers after the procedure. It's been 4 days now, and I still am in pain (constant dull throbbing pain). The pain has not increased, but it has not subsided either.

Is this normal? Do I have an infection? How long am I supposed to be in pain? I try not to take painkillers because I don't want to get dependent on them. ...Justine in CA

Justine, sometimes, due to infection, the pain could last longer than a week. If the pain is not getting worse, it's a good sign. If the root canal is complete, you should be o.k. within 10 days.

Eat nutritious food and take some extra vitamins and supplements, along with proper sleep. If you feel you need extra help, it may be wise to have the endodontist prescribe a steroid for you to calm things down and speed up the healing.

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