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I now have five root canaled teeth. Four of them are on the left side of my mouth and after two years they are still bothering me. My dentist says it's my bite and keeps adjusting it. The teeth still do not have crowns on them as he is hesitant to do this until my bite adjusts itself.

I feel like I can not stand it any longer. I have been doing some reading on root canals and how they are not safe. I had my amalgam fillings removed in the first place beacause of an auto immune disease. I just need answers. Do you have any? ...Mary in IN

If your teeth have not settled down after a couple of adjustments then there are a few reasons for your problems. First, you should seek a second opinion from a dentist who specializes in TMJ and also from an endodontic specialist (who can evaluate the condition of your root canals). You may either have a TMJ problem caused by compression of the joint space, or a problem with your root canals. Adjusting your teeth may only make a TMJ problem worse.

Hopefully, your root canals have been treated properly, however you need to have a specialist re-evaluate the success of the treatment. You should also suspect possible root fractures, which an endodontist can also evaluate. Your autoimmune disease may also make you more suceptible to muscular pain, which can be caused by a compressed joint space. This obviously would need more extensive investigation and diagnosis.

Your physician would need to be consulted. Nevertheless, there is NO reason why you should not be comfortable. I just think you need more specialty care and more in-depth investigation. If you can get a copy of your X-Rays and molds of your teeth I can give you a better idea of what is happening with your teeth and your bite. Feel free to mail them to me.

Editorial Staff

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