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Front tooth root canal: I had a root canal on my front tooth two month ago, it had broken off, was infected and rotting. I also had pain if I pushed on it right where my nose starts and just into the nostril.

I was given antibiotic for 7 days, had procedure done. Here it is two months later and it doesn't hurt but when I push on my lip by my nostril it still hurts and when I bite on my front tooth I feel a bit pain and pressure.

I told the dentist it was still bothering me and he said it just needed time to settle down, but I have had 5 other root canals and none of them have ever done this. Pain is not getting worse just stays the same. I recently moved, so I know I need to see a dentist but am waiting on insurance. Could it be a residual root or a damaged nerve? ...Visitor from Toledo

Theortically a complete, successful root canal is supposed to remove all herve tissue which eliminates the perception of pain. The fact you report that the afflicted tooth was infected and rotting may actually indicate the need for total tooth replacement.

Since infection issues may involve other tissues unrelated to routine root canal treatment, getting a consult with a Periodontist seems warranted.

Editorial Staff

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