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Re-treatment of Root Canal: I had a root canal 2 months ago. It felt ok so they did the permanent filling after 2 weeks and put the crown on (which was too big/wide).

The tooth felt fine but then a day later it started to hurt where I could no longer bite on it. And it never stopped hurting. It was mainly tender on one side of the tooth and in the center when biting down. It was not the bite as that was adjusted. So, 2 months later, I saw the endodontist who re-treated the tooth.

But it now hurts more than ever. It has been 3 days. There still seems to be a slight infection around the root too. Is this pain normal after re-treatment? I am so sick of the pain. ...Visitor from UK

Theoretically a successful root canal treatment disrupts the nutrient flow through the tooth and also obliterates the generation of neural stimulation.

Many root canal treatments are "incomplete" due to the branching of tooth roots and calcification.

Getting a retreatment of the root canal may not be successful if the treatment conditions are "difficult."

For this reason, many dentists won't recommend a root canal retreatment of a failed root canaled tooth. A dental implant replacement becomes the treatment of choice primarily because additional failure may be at high risk.... and the expensive retreatment costs.

For molar teeth, because of biting pressures and the decreased "nutritional health" of a root canaled molar, failure can be a high risk for some patients.

A good resource for getting an independent opinion is a Prosthodontist.

Editorial Staff

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