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Gums above root canal sore after 4 weeks: Upper Molar (Right Side) - I wound up having an abscess above this tooth.

I had an oral surgeon open it up as an emergency. She opened it and said there was alot of puss and blood. 3 days later it started to swell again, she said the medicated stick was not letting it drain so she left it open.

4 days later I went to the dentist who did root canal. He also stuck this thin blue thing into the tooth and it felt like he popped the abscess. It is now 4 weeks later and the gums above are sore and slightly sensitive to cold.

Should I be worried? Also note 2 weeks ago they had to shave the temporary filling as it was too high and I was bruising my teeth as he called it. ...Visitor from Levittown

Root canals can fail due to branching and convolutions of the tooth roots. Molar teeth often have roots growing in unusual patterns that can make 100% treatment success impossible to achieve.

Hidden and branched canals don't get treated effectively.... and can lead to further omplications.

Many dentists recommend a dental implant replacement for a failed root canal.

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