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Root canals cause ear and neck pain? About 6 months ago I had a filling done, then a root canal on this tooth. I had the root canal redone and the tooth beside it as well by a specialist.

I also had a sore on the side of my tongue. Pain in the left side of my neck, ear and lower teeth. I have been on 8 antibiotics since then, including 2 doses of Prednisone. My tongue sore is gone.

The pain in the neck, ear and lower jaw are not. Today I woke up with a sore, white line on the tip of my tongue as well. Where do I go from here? ...Visitor from Ontario Canada

Your symptoms suggest that your occlusion has changed and is causing neuromuscular distress that is commonly manifested by jaw joint pains that can extend into the head, neck and shoulders.

It doesn't take much to disturb normal occlusion. You might do well by consulting with a tmj or neuromuscular dentist who has an abundance of diagnositic and successful treatment experience.

If possible, find dentists who have technologies demonstrated in the following videos: TMJ TMD Neuromuscular Dentistry

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