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I had my upper teeth cosmetically crowned not quite a year ago, the other day while eating lunch my crown came out. My tooth underneath broke at the gum line. Is it possible that the tooth was "prepped" too much? I have since then had a root canal and the crown replaced. However, I am not happy with my dentist's response to the whole situation or lack of explaination. I am not out to place blame, but don't want to be taken advantage of either. Can you offer me some reasons why the tooth died? (It was an otherwise healthy tooth before this whole process).He said there was no bloodflow. ...Visitor from MN

Root canals customarily cut off the nutrient flow to a tooth, which is why it is so crtical to crown a root canaled tooth quickly. The underlying tooth structure becomes brittle.

Some dentists don't recommend root canaling a tooth that is routinely subjected to extrmeme or constant biting forces. Molars that are root canaled fail very frequently because of the biting forces we all have.

Central Incisors (front teeth) are the teeth we use for biting into nearly everything. While root canal treatments are the conservative approach to treating a compromised central incisor.... some dentists will recommend a straight forward dental implant... because of it's endurance superiority and because a dental implant can prevent the bone loss that is typically associated with a bridge product (economic alternative).

Somewhere, during your discussions with your dentist about treatment options, most of these considerations should have been discussed. Patient disappointment usually occurs when a "conservative treatment" has failed.

Many dentists, though, are reluctant to vigorously recommend the "best" treatment when most patients tend to favor "conservative treatments".

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