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FAQ:  Receding Gums

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Gum Recession - An Anatomy
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Can cosmetic dentristy be done on receding gums? ... Visitor from GA

If your underlying periodontal bone support is healthy, and your teeth are strong and not mobile (don't wiggle) you should be able to complete cosmetic makeover dentistry.

Since you said you did have gum recession more of the length of your tooth shows. When someone gets older sometimes they are referred to as getting long in the tooth. This lenghtening tooth process from gum recession is where this phrase comes from.

Since you say your gums are receding, this could indicate an underlying periodontal bone loss problem. If you have not already done so, you need to see a periodontist for a complete evaluation of the health of your teeth and periodontal bone support.
As long as patients have enough healthy supportive bone holding in their teeth,most any dental treatment can be accomplished.

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