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FAQ:  Receding Gums

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Receding Gums Ask The Periodontist Marie Schweinebraten Question:
I am searching for a solution for my gum recession problem.

At this point I need to have a gum graft procedure, I have lost a sustantial amount of gum tissue in 2 of my front, lower teeth.

It looks like the gum tissue needs to be replaced or grafted in the front and back of these two teeth. Is this type of surgery available? ... Visitor from GA

Gum recession can be treated in several different ways depending on the type of recession present, how much is present, where it is located, and especially, how much bone is holding the teeth in.

Sometimes gum tissue is taken or harvested from the roof of your mouth and other times processed tissue can be used. It is possible to also make a "stent" if the tissue is taken from the roof of your mouth, which can be ideal for accelerating healing and minimize discomfort.

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