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FAQ:  Receding Gums

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I noticed that the root of one of my front teeth seems exposed.

When I talked to my mom she told me I had receding gums. I noticed that only my bottom gums are receding and sometimes bleed.

Though I feel that this is because I brush my bottom teeth too hard, I'm still uneasy. What can I do to prevent my gums from further receding and is there any non-surgery treatment?

Im a 19 year old college student who can't afford surgery. ... Visitor from CA

If you are over brushing.... stop. Too frequent or aggressive brushing usually interferes with the body's natural processes for maintaining oral health and a normal oral ph.

Overbrushing in particular can cause soft tissues to receded.

Consult with a periodontist for evaluating the current state of your oral tissues. Inquire about the appropriateness of certain types of appliances that can help maintain and promote tissue health.

The Sonic tooth brush or irrigation devices such as Water Pic may be ideal for you for controlling future recession issues, assuming gum disease is a non event.

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