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FAQ:  Pregnancy and Nursing Newborns

Bad Teeth and Pregnant: I am writing to you because I am in a bad situation and I am looking for the best answer.

I am 25 years old and have very very bad teeth. I had one tooth crowned early in the year and it costs 1,800.00 dollars. Well, every tooth in my mouth will probably need something to that extent. I can not afford that so I was considering having dentures put in.

I just want to be able to smile with confidence again. I am currently 16 weeks pregnant and would like to do it before I have the baby if it is possible. Should and could this be done, and if so I am having trouble getting someone to say I should get dentures.

Could you make a reccomendation. Any help would be great.. thank you so much ...Visitor from NJ

I certainly could never recommend that anyone who could avoid dentures have their restorable (saveable) teeth extracted and replaced with dentures.

However, I do realize that, depending upon the situation, proper restoration of each tooth may be unachievable either financially or depending upon one's health.

As you have alluded to finding a dentist, including myself, who would do this treatment would be difficult.

Most dentists have financial options and arrangements that can make dentistry affordable for the majority of patients. Certainly there are always treatment options.

Please evaluate all of your options before making any hasty decisions.

Editorial Staff
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