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Pediatric Oral Disease Issues

Pediatric Oral Health Management and Treatment

Video: Pediatric Cavities: Implications for Adult Teeth

Dental caries is the most common chronic childhood disease

  • 5x more common than asthma
  • Childhood Caries
  • 7x more common than hay fever
  • 51 million school hours lost to dental illness
  • Poor children 2x the amount of caries
  • Can lead to problems in eating, speaking, and learning

Oral Health Issues for Pedatric Patient Populations

  • Trauma
  • Caries
  • Tooth Eruption Problems
  • Pathology

Childhood Caries

Primary Teeth - Functional Role and Importance

  • Allow for proper chewing
  • Important in allowing good pronunciation and speech habits
  • Guide the proper eruption of the permanent teeth
  • Maintain arch integrity

Tooth Eruption Milestones - Developmental Table

Childhood Caries
  • Central Incisor:   4-14 months
  • Lateral Incisor:   8-18 months
  • Canine:   14-24 months
  • First Molar:   10-20 months
  • Second Molar:   20-36 months

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