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Top partial: I went to get a top and a bottom partial made today and they said I didn't have enough room in my mouth for them to fit. I haven't had back teeth on the top for about 8 years. All I've had was 5 front teeth.

They said the only thing they could do was pull all my remaining teeth on top and make a full top plate them make a bottom partial. Does this make sense to anyone?? I mean there was teeth there before.. I am baffled. Please help. .... Visitor from Richmond

It appears you have insufficient bone and sufficient "anchor tooth possibilities" that would make continued use of partials a respectable treatment for tooth loss.

The alternative treatment recommendation that was provided to you seems VERY SENSIBLE.

The Primary thing you need to keep in mind is that partials and traditional dentures ROUTINELY cause bone loss.

Denture products that are mounted on implant devices (e.g. Zest locators) do a fabulous job of maintaining bone health AND keeping denture teeth secure and comfortable.

Editorial Staff

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