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Partials FAQ Ask The Dentist Corinne Scalzitti Question:
Denture versus Partial: I have partials on top and bottom, however, the two teeth remaining on bottom are loose.

My dentist said because the partial fits well they will just add two teeth making this a full denture to bottom. Is this wise or should I have them redo partial for a new plate in general as this partial is 4 years old and I have loss bone on one side of mouth?

Also I have a partial on top with 6 teeth as my own. Two teeth on the right side together are strong but the remaing four teeth need to be removed.

My dentist told me I need a full denture on top. Is there any way to keep a partial which be connected to the two teeth side by side on the right side of my mouth? My fear of having a full denture. ....Visitor from NC

I assume that your dentist is attempting to save you money by turning the lower partial into a denture. This is OK, but may not stay in as well as a new denture made to your present bone.

There are upper partials that can fit around a few remaining teeth. One is Valplast and the other is Sunflex. These are both softer that denture acryllic. Valplast is a patented product and I don' know what it's made of. Sunflex is made by Sun Dental labs in Florida, and is made of nylon.

If you are afraid of a full denture and your dentist is willing to keep your two upper teeth, you might look into these. But, the two remaining teeth may not be as pretty as a full denture could be.

I will advise you to not look for the low cost solution to your problems. I would suggest that you shop a few dentists to see how they approach possible solutions.

I would also ask them if they like making dentures (most dentists hate making dentures) and choose the one with the best answers and the most enthusiasm.

Choosing dentures is like choosing one outfit that you will wear every day for many years. If you wore the same dress every day, would you buy it at WalMart or Nordstrom's? Think of this when you price dentures, and good luck.

Corinne Scalzitti, DMD, MAGD

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