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Partials FAQ Ask The Dentist Richard Winter Question:
Hard to Talk and Eat - Loose Ugly Partial: I have been fitted with a lower partial (4 back teeth each side).

It is impossible to eat or chew because it comes out immediately. It is extremely difficult to talk. The denture is rigid with a metal bar joining the two side together. Also the appearance is horrific.

Two large metal clasps over the teeth at the front which looks as though I am wearing braces. I feel that because the partial is so rigid, i will never be able to wear it.

Can nothing be done about this and the appearance? I am just heartbroken. My dentist tells me that this is all that can be done. He says that the metal clasps are all that is available. .....Visitor from Toronto Canada

You bring up several points to discuss.

First, partials are a compromised treatment. The clasps, over time, will injure the teeth they are clasped to.

In order for clasps to be retentive (hold your partial in) there needs to be an undercut in your teeth where the clasps engage. Perhaps your dentist didn't prepare these or they are not adjusted properly.

Secondly, you can have a non-metal partial called Valplast, which is flexible thermoplastic material that is the opposite of rigid.

Thirdly, with that many teeth gone, you should concentrate your time, effort and money on implant supported bridges. If your socialized medicine in Canada won't allow it, I would encourage you to go to a private pay dentist for this wonderful treatment or to see if you are a candidate for this type of "permanent" tooth replacement.

Please continue looking, as, if you don't wear your partial, the upper teeth will supererupt, causing other bite related problems in your future. Best of luck

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Winter Dental Associates
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