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Pain high where gum meets cheek: A year ago I had upper tooth #15 extracted after abscess on gum line (tooth had previous root canal).

I went for bridge recently to fill in where tooth was extracted and when anesthetic was swabbed high on gum line and recovery from injection of anesthetic there was pain on gum and high inside of cheek line.

This is area of tooth above tooth #16. It feels like nerve pain possibly, but doesn't hurt unless that area is touched. In fact, I didn't feel anything until anesthetic given to prepare for bridge. Please help. Thank you. ...Visitor from Florida

These are very unusual symptoms.

You report gum pain at or near the location of tooth #16 yet that tooth does not generate any pain experience independently.

One has to wonder/suggest that the extraction of tooth #15 was incomplete,in that a root tip fragment was left behind. In this hypothetical example, an abandoned root tip fragment can fester and spread infection into the jaw bone.

If the root of #15 had any physical contact with the root of tooth #16, pain could be perceived in the immediate area (gum tissue) without affecting the nerve tissue of tooth #16.

Root tip fragments, regardless of size, MUST be effectively removed, which can be a daunting task for some dentists. If your dentist is unable to diagnose this possibility, the best resource for getting a reliable diagnosis of root tip complications is a Periodontist.

Here is a link to our Root Tip Fragment FAQ:
Root Tip Fragments

Editorial Staff

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