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Healthy tooth hurts: Recently I have experienced a tooth pain on one of my lower teeth (left side, number four). There is some gum recession at that place but the tooth is not sensitive on hot or cold.

The pain comes and goes with no specific factor. My dentist did a detailed exam including x-ray and found nothing wrong.

I tried to tab a little bit of Sensodyne on affected place and it immediately brings pain in my tooth. Same happens with Ambesol. I was not able to find any other factors that caused pain.

I simply don't know what to do. ...Visitor from Ames

It sounds like you have an abfraction, which is usually caused by a particular tooth that is "hitting too early" or incorrectly with it's opposing tooth.

Gum recession isolated to that one tooth is the "obvious" symptom. Consult a Periodontist to confirm this possibility and seek appropriate treatment. Leaving it untreated will likely cause tissue conditions to worsen.

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