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Bone Grafts Ask The Dentist Richard Winter Question:
Pain in opposing teeth while waiting for implants: I had my last 2 molars on the bottom left side of my mouth extracted 8 months ago and will be getting my final implants in another month.

In the meantime, the top two opposing teeth have moved down in the sockets a little bit and when I press up on them with my fingers it causes pain.

I am worried that once the final implant teeth are installed it will be painful for me to eat on that side. Will the pain eventually subside once the top teeth get used to having pressure from the bottom teeth again? ...Visitor from CA

It is not normal to have pain in your upper teeth.

They will hit harder than your natural teeth once the implants are in because there is no ligament or shock absorber to offset the biting forces.

Please make sure your dentist evaluates and treats the problems or you will have problems with your upper teeth.

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