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FAQ:  Pain - Gum and Mouth

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Mouth and teeth pain: My dentist gave me a shot in the back of my mouth, a pain block, to fill a cavity.

The shot was the most extreme pain I have ever felt and I tried to get her to STOP injecting me but she kept on.

Since that day, three weeks ago, I have had continuous pain moving from the left top teeth/gums, to the bottom teeth/gums and in the back area where the shot was given (different areas).

I am on high doses of ibuprofen round the clock, and have been back to the dentist for an exam. After x-rays, she found nothing and decided it might be sinuses.

But I don't have sinus problems and can't figure out why it would come on only after I had the shot and cavity filled. What should be my next move? ...Visitor from VA

I would recommend seeing a local oral surgeon for a second opinion.

I would be interested to know what type of local anesthetic was used and if the nerve was injected itself rather than just around the area.

Sometimes a nerve can be injured in the normal delivery of a numbing injection. The nerve may be sensitive for awhile, but usually recovers after some time.

Editorial Staff

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